The Advanced Fundraising Playbook
Learn the advanced fundraising strategies that can help you...
Double Your Non-Profit's Fundraising and Double Your Impact
Joe Garecht

"It's time to move beyond the basics and turn your non-profit into a fundraising machine."

- Joe Garecht

Tell me, does this sound like your non-profit?

... you're talking with donors, making asks, and seeing some results... but you want to raise WAY more money?

... you're holding events, sending out fundraising letters, and e-mailing out newsletters... but you're ready to take your fundraising to the NEXT level?

You know that every additional dollar you bring in is another dollar you can put towards your programs and your mission.  You're ready to raise more money.  You need advanced fundraising tactics that will help you build a fundraising machine at your non-profit... one that will raise more money than ever before.

If that sounds familiar, then I have great news for you...

Every Non-Profit - Including Yours - Can Use Advanced Fundraising Strategies to Boost Their Fundraising Like Never Before!

Your non-profit does good work... and you deserve to raise the money you need to thrive.  

Perhaps you've already got the basics covered - you're looking for new donors, you're communicating with them, and you're asking them for money.  You're holding some successful events and sending out some letters that are raising money, but you're frustrated... you want to raise so much more!

The good news is that you CAN raise far more money than you are today.  Chances are that you've only scratched the surface with what's possible for your non-profit's fundraising program.  Right now, I am inviting you to take the next step, and use some of the same advanced fundraising strategies that the world's most successful non-profits build into their development programs.

And best of all, you don't need to be a major international organization to use these strategies.  Every non-profit, including yours, can use these tactics to dramatically increase their fundraising revenue.

I've spent the past twenty years learning the secrets of the world's most successful fundraising programs.  Now I want to teach those secrets to you.  I hope you'll join me for this class to learn how to apply advanced fundraising strategies to your non-profit.

My name is Joe Garecht, and over the past two decades I have worked with hundreds of non-profits to teach them how to supercharge their fundraising so that they can have a greater impact and do more good in the world.

As a Development Director, Executive Director, board member, author, and consultant to organizations worldwide, I have helped non-profits raise hundreds of millions of dollars, and now, I want to help your non-profit raise the money you need to thrive.
Joe Garecht Consulting

"Thank you for making your fundraising training programs so informative and affordable!"

- Ann Rush
Status Code 4, Inc.

Learn the Advanced Fundraising Strategies
Your Non-Profit Needs to Thrive

If you want to learn the advanced fundraising strategies that the world's most successful non-profits use to fully fund their programs, then I invite you to join me for our brand new class:

The Advanced Fundraising Playbook

This new program will teach you everything you need to know to apply advanced fundraising strategies to your non-profit, including:

  • How to build a super-successful direct mail program to find new donors and raise more money
  • The secrets to writing and winning more grants for your organization
  • How to launch an amazing planned giving program that will help your non-profit raise transformational gifts from your most loyal supporters
  • ​A step-by-step system for building a monthly giving program that puts your fundraising on auto-pilot
  • ​And much, much more!
And best of all, you can implement everything you learn in The Advanced Fundraising Playbook this year!

Most non-profits are spinning their wheels with fundraising, wasting time and money on strategies that simply don't work.  Join us for this brand new course to learn how to raise the money your non-profit deserves.
The Advanced Fundraising Playbook

The Advanced Fundraising Playbook Includes Everything You Need to Supercharge Your Fundraising Program

The Advanced Fundraising Playbook is a complete online fundraising training program that includes 5 webinar modules.  The class runs completely online, and all materials will be delivered electronically.

Here are the modules you'll be receiving:
The Advanced Fundraising Playbook

Module #1: How to Build a Profitable Direct Mail Program for Your Non-Profit

In this webinar you'll learn:

• The secrets to writing great fundraising letters that make donors want to give
• How to build a direct mail prospecting program that helps you find hundreds of new donors every month
• A step-by-step process for designing effective direct mail packages - including your envelope, reply device, and more
• How to create a direct mail system for your non-profit that raises money while you sleep

Module #2: How to Find, Write, and Win More Grants Than Ever Before

In this webinar you'll learn:

• How to build a grant research system at your non-profit to make finding new grant opportunities quick and painless
• A step-by-step strategy for writing grant proposals that make funders say "Yes!"
• The secrets to networking your way into brand new grant opportunities
• How to spend just 5 hours per week on your grant program... and still win the grants your non-profit needs to thrive

Module #3: How to Build a Supercharged Planned Giving Program for Your Non-Profit

In this webinar you'll learn:

• How to build a planned giving program from scratch (or supercharge your current program) to raise transformational gifts for your non-profit
• Why planned giving doesn't need to be complicated... and how every organization can use planned giving to boost their revenue
• A simple step-by-step strategy for marketing planned giving to your donors
• How to create a legacy society to systemize your planned giving program and properly steward your planned gift donors

Module #4: How to Create a Successful Monthly Giving Program for Your Non-Profit

In this webinar you'll learn:

• Why a monthly giving program is so important for your non-profit
• How to get your current donors to sign-up for monthly giving... and continue to give one-time and annual gifts just like before!
• A simple step-by-step strategy for launching and marketing your monthly giving program
• How to figure out exactly which donors to target with your monthly giving campaign

Module #5: How to Design and Launch Viral Fundraising Campaigns for Your Non-Profit

In this webinar you'll learn:

• What a viral fundraising campaign is... and how you can launch one to dramatically boost your fundraising efforts
• The 5 components every fundraising campaign needs if you want it to go viral
• A step-by-step system for marketing your viral campaign and building more "buzz" for your efforts
• How to get your donors, volunteers, and other supporters to help spread the word about your next viral fundraising campaign

Don't miss out!  This class contains everything you need to implement advanced fundraising strategies that will help your non-profit raise more money than ever before!

"Joe, I wanted to send you a huge thank you. I really got a lot out of (the class) and will absolutely be using your insights, suggestions and tools moving forward!"

- Emily Hickman
Caritas Australia

Act Now and Get These Incredible Bonuses

When you register for The Advanced Fundraising Playbook, you'll also get these incredible bonuses to help you boost fundraising at your non-profit:

Bonus #1:  How to Master the Donor Funnel

How to Master the Donor Funnel
Learn the secrets behind the Donor Funnel... the four-step process that every fundraising strategy uses to take prospects from first gift to lifelong donor to your non-profit.  This recorded webinar will teach you how to harness the power of the Donor Funnel for your organization!

Bonus #2:  Advanced Fundraising Resources

Advanced Fundraising Resources
This exclusive workbook gives you the templates and samples you need to fully implement the advanced fundraising strategies we discuss in this class.  The workbook includes sample fundraising letters, grant proposals, planned giving materials, monthly giving solicitations, and more...

Our 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

If The Advanced Fundraising Playbook doesn't help you supercharge your non-profit's fundraising efforts, then we'll refund your money, no questions asked!  That's my guarantee to you. You will absolutely love this program and it will make a huge difference for your organization.
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Get Lifetime Access to the Entire Class!

When you register today, you get lifetime access to the class.  You can go at your own pace, and there are no tests!  You don't have to be in front of your computer at any set time.  Instead, you'll get access to all of the recordings and materials so you can learn when and where you want, from the comfort of your own home or office

Here's Everything You Get Today...

The Advanced Fundraising Playbook
  • The Advanced Fundraising Playbook ($697 Value)
  • Bonus #1: How to Master the Donor Funnel ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Advanced Fundraising Resources ($397 Value)
The total value of everything that's included in The Advanced Fundraising Playbook is $1,191. But we've got a special deal for you...

A Special Offer Just for You...

If you want to really supercharge your fundraising, you need to use advanced fundraising tactics as part of your fundraising plan.  That's why we created this class... to make sure you have the step-by-step strategies you need to raise the money your non-profit needs to thrive.

The total value of everything in The Advanced Fundraising Playbook is $1,191. But because I want as many non-profits as possible to be able to participate, we decided to offer this class for the incredibly discounted price of just $97. That includes all 5 modules and 2 bonus items!

Best of all, as soon as you place your order, you'll get immediate access to everything listed above - there's no waiting... you can start reviewing the modules right away!

I don't want you to miss out on this program! Remember, you can get the entire Advanced Fundraising Playbook program, valued at $1,191 for an investment of just $97 when you click the button below:

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